Al-Qaeda Calls for Jihad in Kashmir

In a new message, al-Qaeda’s Asim Umar accuses Pakistan of betraying the Kashmiri cause and calls on Kashmiri Muslims to join its global jihadist movement.


Political Tensions Continue but PML-N Gov’t Remains Secure

10 June 2014 – The PML-N government remains secure in power despite its extended standoff with the army. However, a number of latent threats exist that could boost the emerging movement that seeks to bring the government down.


Pakistan Moves to Assuage China’s Security Concerns As Threats Grow

10 June 2014 – As China pushes forward with an ambitious investment plan in Pakistan, with a potential of up to $40 billion worth of projects, the bilateral relationship is being tested by a rise in attacks by Uighur militants in China and growing threats from insurgents in Pakistan.


Security in Balochistan Worsens, Putting Political Gains At Risk

25 February 2014 – Balochistan is experiencing a comprehensive breakdown in security as ethnic Baloch separatists, anti-Shia terrorists, and Iranian Baloch militants have increased their attacks this year, imperiling important political gains.


Pakistan Moves Toward War in North Waziristan As Talks Falter

25 February 2014 – Pakistan moves closer to military operations in North Waziristan as senior officials in Islamabad distance themselves from peace talks and the Pakistani military’s retaliatory attacks against the TTP expand into offensive strikes.


China and Pakistan Deepen Ties As the U.S. Exits Region

10 February 2014 – As the United States withdraws combat troops from Afghanistan and its Pakistan aid program falters, China is making a big bet on Pakistan, proposing over $40 billion in potential aid and investment and stepping up civil nuclear assistance.


Sharif Government’s Peace Talks Bid Aids Pakistani Taliban

10 February 2014 – In a surprise move, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced the formation of a committee to engage the Pakistan Taliban in peace talks. The move is fraught with risk and likely to aid the militant group and deepen the polarization inside the country.


Islamabad’s Ambitious Privatization Push Set to Face Stiff Resistance

22 January 2014 – The PML-N government in Islamabad has embarked upon an ambitious privatization program, aiming to stem the hemorrhaging of state-owned enterprises and generate revenue for the cash-strapped government. But the opposition has other plans.


Strategic Paralysis in Islamabad as Taliban Step Up Attacks

22 January 2014 – Tensions between the Pakistan Army and the Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan are rising in the wake of two attacks on the military this week, sparking speculation that a full-fledged military operation in North Waziristan could be launched soon.


Top Karachi Party Faces Leadership Crisis As Power Erodes

7 January 2014 – For over two decades, the MQM has been the largest party in Pakistan’s biggest city. Multiple political forces are encroaching on its Karachi turf as Scotland Yard’s investigation into its London-based party chief intensifies.